About IN tIME

At the time of disposal, IN tIME was the market leader for time-critical courier services. Customers were mainly in the automotive and logistics industries. Colloquially, this service is also called ‘panic logistics’ – the panic being caused by the threat of a production standstill due to missing components. Thanks to its superior business, model IN tIME was able to grow dynamically in a highly fragmented market.


Together with ECM, the company was consistently further developed on the basis of the management’s strategy. In this context, in addition to organic growth, the number two in the market and main competitor RS Logistik was acquired and successfully integrated into the Group. Based on a more professional organisational set-up and an increased international orientation, IN tIME was sold to the pan-European investor Barclays Private Equity in 2011.

Quick Facts

Name:  IN tIME
Sector:  Express logistics
Location:  Hannover, Germany
Investment background:  Ownership succession
Year of exit:  2011
Funds:  GEP III
Sales at exit:  ∼ €110m
Employees at exit:  ∼ 400
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