About Sodawerk

At the time of disposal, Sodawerk Staßfurt was a leading producer of soda and natron. Aside from table salt, soda is one of the most important basic materials for a variety of synthetically produced chemical products. The main field of application is in the glass and washing powder industries. Sodawerk Staßfurt supplied the main glass and washing powder producers in Germany and neighbouring European countries. Additionally, small volumes of natron were also produced. Natron is used in the food, medical and various other industries.


Key milestones in the development of the company were an overall rationalisation and modernisation of the plant as well as establishing the financial framework for the expansion of production capacity from 450,000 to 600,000 tons per annum. Furthermore, management succeeded in strengthening the sales activities and acquired new customers abroad. The GEP funds sold their shares to Polish Ciech SA. With this acquisition, Ciech became the second-largest European soda producer.

Quick Facts

Name:  Sodawerk
Sector:  Producer of soda ash
Location:  Staßfurt, Germany
Investment background:  Corporate spin-off
Year of exit:  2007
Funds:  GEP III
Sales at exit:  ∼ €75m
Employees at exit:  ∼ 380
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