Our clear mission: highest standards for sustainable value creation.


Our Responsibility

We are aware of our broader societal responsibilities. Hence, we have committed ourselves to sustainable corporate governance, fulfilling high standards with regard to environment, social and sustainable governance (‘ESG’). We ensure that our portfolio companies adhere to these standards which form part of a sustainable value creation strategy.

We are convinced that it must be part of a successful, long-term value development strategy to continuously improve the sustainability of the management of our portfolio companies. It is our aspiration to promote economic activity in accordance with sustainability principles and to protect resources for future generations. We support our portfolio companies in actively engaging with environmental issues that result from their specific business activities, including the reduction of energy and water usage, waste and hazardous materials.

Attracting and developing motivated employees forms a key success criterion for us and the portfolio companies. Accordingly, we consider safe working conditions, attractive remuneration schemes as well as opportunities for professional and private development to be important conditions for sustainable corporate success.

In addition, our portfolio companies have a societal responsibility in their respective communities. We actively support local social involvement and training of young talent.

Responsible corporate governance is highly important to us. We do not limit ourselves to compliance with legal requirements, but actively promote good governance. We are strictly against any types of unethical business practices. Transparent decision-making processes, open communication and timely information are critical. This forms the basis for the working relationship with investors, management teams and business partners – it supports trustful and sustainable partnerships.