The DERMATOLOGIKUM Group continues its successful growth course with two investments

  • The combination of DERMATOLOGIKUM and Kosmed-Klinik sustainably expands the treatment spectrum of both companies in Hamburg and Kiel
  • The acquisition of Jungbrunnnen-Klinik in Bonn further strengthens the group and advances its regional expansion
  • The ECM-managed private equity funds were able to accompany and support these developments as a strategic partner and financier

The DERMATOLOGIKUM Group (the "Group") is on a continuous expansion course; in the current year, the Group expanded via two strategic acquisitions, the Kosmed-Klinik with locations in Hamburg and Kiel, and the Jungbrunnen-Klinik in Bonn. The Group is hereby continuing its pursuit to strengthen its leading brand for medical treatment excellence in the field of dermatology in Germany and Switzerland and its regional expansion. In addition, the clinics constitute strategically important partners for the expansion of aesthetic dermatology, in particular plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Expansion of the treatment spectrum and regional presence

The recently completed combination of the DERMATOLOGIKUM Group and Kosmed-Klinik has expanded the complementary range of medical treatments for aesthetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology/ medicine at the Hamburg location given the special unique propositions of both parties. Similar to the DERMATOLOGIKUM Group, Kosmed-Klinik works exclusively with proven physician specialists in specific treatment areas putting the highest emphasis on the satisfaction of its patients and staff. Due to the long-standing, trusting, personal and professional relationships between the two clinics as well as the spatial proximity, the integration of Kosmed’s Hamburg and Kiel locations into the group network is also facilitated. The clear objective hereby is the treatment option expansion for the benefit of the respective patients at the existing sites and to complement each other’s medical excellence and reputation.

In parallel, the DERMATOLOGIKUM Group expanded via the inclusion of the Jungbrunnen-Klinik in Bonn and its existing medical staff. The Jungbrunnen-Klinik is a leading-edge specialist clinic for dermatology, plastic-aesthetic surgery, phlebology and laser therapy. In the future, the location will be closely integrated within the DERMATOLOGIKUM Group, will benefit from the established network and know-how, and will potentially expand its range of treatments in dermatology.

Utilization of group advantages

With the two acquisitions, the DERMATOLOGIKUM Group can once again significantly strengthen its market position. At the same time, the combination allows all locations to benefit from established group functions. In addition to the exchange of medical expertise in patient care, these include the leading quality histopathology laboratory as well as central functions in the areas of purchasing, marketing, HR, IT and accounting. The new group sites thus not only gain access to the expertise of a renowned and institutionalized group in the healthcare sector, but also assistance in administrative functions to focus on the central element of medicine – safe and high-quality patient care.

About Dermatologikum Hamburg GmbH („DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG“)

DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG was founded in 1997 and today the group comprises a total of four locations: Hamburg, Bremen and Zurich, as well as a cooperation site in Cologne. The DERMATOLOGIKUM Group employs around 240 staff, including a team of around 65 medical specialists. It is thus one of the largest groups of practices and day clinics for classical and aesthetic dermatology in German-speaking Europe. In addition to aesthetic and plastic surgery as well as medical cosmetics, the range of services includes the entire spectrum of dermatology – with a focus on classical and surgical dermatology, the therapy and prevention of skin cancer, the treatment of chronic inflammatory skin and immune diseases, and pediatric dermatology. In allergology, the complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are employed for treatments of allergological diseases. In addition, there are the vascular departments for the diagnosis and therapy of vascular diseases. With its own laboratory and diagnostics center, DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG is a national competence center with the claim to provide safe and highest quality care.

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About Kosmed-Klinik GmbH („Kosmed-Klink“)

The Kosmed-Klinik specializes in plastic surgery, aesthetic dermatology and laser cosmetics. In addition, the Kosmed-Klinik is nationally renowned for hair transplantation, surgical nose correction and the use of state-of-the-art laser procedures for more than 20 years. In 2007, the clinic opened its location in Kiel, which developed into a second competence center. Currently, 10 highly qualified specialists with a focus on aesthetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, laser cosmetics and anti-aging medicine treat patients with proven expertise and special attention.

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About Jungbrunnen-Klinik GmbH („Jungbrunnen-Klinik“)

The Jungbrunnen-Klinik, founded in 2004 and located in close proximity to the Rhine river in Bonn, combines classical and aesthetic dermatology, phlebology and laser medicine and plastic-aesthetic surgery in a holistic alliance in a modern medical area of approx. 1,200 sqm. Driven by an interdisciplinary team of 7 doctors of plastic and aesthetic surgery, dermatology and ENT as well as other cooperating doctors and about 15 staff the clinic has evolved into medical center with nationwide reputation.

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About ECM Equity Capital Management GmbH („ECM”)

ECM is a trusted partner for medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs in German-speaking Europe. Since 1995, ECM has raised the equity funds GEP I-V with a total equity commitment of more than €1 billion and is currently investing from the fifth fund GEP V (€325 million). The funds invest primarily in leading medium-sized companies with attractive growth potential in the course of succession planning, partnership investments and corporate spin-offs.

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